What can our business do for you?
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What can our business do for you?

Why to go to the Philippines?

Living in the Philippines

What is the best visa to stay?

Where and how to buy real estate, land, houses or apartments?

Geography, climate, country and people of the Philippines

Infrastructure, transportation and communication

Palawan special:
Living on Palawan, a tropial paradise

Entertainment, sports and leisure


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We let you know all the ins and outs of coming to the Philippines, including airline, visa, and customs info.

We let you know how best to go about renting or buying a home, buying a lot to build a home, getting into a small business, etc

We let you know about red flags to watch out for to help you avoid problems with titles, permits, licenses.

We let you know what documents you will need from your home country if there is any chance you will in the future wish to marry a Filipina.

We will advice you how to bring in your belongings, also your car or your boat, how to avoid not necessary duties and costs with customs clearance and transportation.

We will support you to buy a car or a boat, to make a deed of sales, to register it in your name and to do all the paperwork with the local bureaucrats.



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e-mail: retirement@asia-phil.com