Why to go to the Philippines
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Why to go to the Philippines?

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Besides the City of Manila, the Rice terraces in northern Luzon, the beach areas of Boracay, Bohol and Puerto Galera are the most frequented touristic sites of the Philippines. Living there is giving the feeling always to be a tourist and the living costs are compared to other locations quite expensive.

Palawan with his unique scenic spots is offering you in an as well fascinating surrounding the feeling to live like a native of Palawan. Beautiful landscape, on 7107 islands, beige and white sandy beaches, high mountains, stiff cliffs, colourful coral reefs, best diving sites, clear and warm water. Palawan is in contradiction to other provinces favoring the "ecotourism", the nature should not to be harmed by the tourism industry, no crowded beaches with noisy bars, no litter everywhere.
Buenavista, Ulugan Bay, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Retirement in USA or Europe means in general to live in senior homes among old people only waiting for their passing away, for a hardly affordable high price, living in a small room. Plenty times a year you will see how one of your co-inhabitants is leaving the homein a coffin. Not even for 30% of that costs you can live here in a nice own home, sorrounded by young people, taken care by inexpensive but freindly young nurses, living your own life, enjoying your life day by day. The Philippines are famous all over the world for its lovely most young nurses. In plenty of hospitals also you can find them because of their care taking quality.
Beach of Tigman south of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Here in the Philippines with an age of over 60 years you are still a young man. Here you are living among young people who respect you because of your life experience of plenty of years. They like to learn from you and your wisdom. Even places like discothecs, in America or Europe a solely domain of teens and twens, you can visit without questioning. You are dancing and sitting among the young people as one of them. Specially in the provincial town, outside of the major cities, for four to five dollars you can spend a hole night with great feelings.

Low living costs, low prices for housing
Freindly and happy people
Western adapted living style, mainly christian religions
Beautiful and freindly women

Headlight: Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines, according to TIMES Magazine one of the ten nature miracles of the world.
Fifth larges island of the Philippines, about 400 km (250 miles) long and 40 km (25 miles) wide, building wth about 1780 small islands an own archipel, slightly populated with less than one million people, living mostly from agriculture
with unspoiled nature, high mountains and untouched jungles
with long coastline formed by cliffs and lonely, hidden, sandy beaches
unpoluted, clean small cities and native villages.
Therefore Palawan has a big westeners colony, covering diving and resort business, running restaurants and food delight shops. They are building an own social life together with local business people.

The povincial capital of Palawan is Puerto Princesa City, a town with about 200.000 inhabitants, clean green city with clean roads borded by tropical flowers, on an peninsula surrounded by the Sulu Sea, with several good western style hotels and restaurants. Puerto Princesa City has an own airport with several flights a day to Manila, Cebu City, Iloilo, Boracay, El Nido and Coron Busuanga, as well as a sea port with ferry boat connections to Manila (Super Ferry and Negros Navigation) and to Iloilo and Cebu City.
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