How to get a nice home
for a few money, in a beautiful tropical garden,
close to the beach
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Living in the Philippines

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Geography, climate, country and people of the Philippines

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The best places in the Philippines to live and to buy a home
Palawan, the last fronier of the Philippines, a tropical paradise
How to buy properties, houses, condos (permits, forms, contracts, security)

How to build a house?
How can you master the burocracy? How do you have to fill all the forms? How do you get all necessary permits?

We help you, give you all the advices and are looking for the right persons.

Legal aspects: Conforming to Philippine laws land cannot be purchased by foreign citizens. The majority of expats are buying properties on the name of their actual Philippino girl freind and are so dependent of the girl. There are many bad experiences of foreigners who lost their land because of serious mistakes
concluding the sales contracts. Fortunately there are possibilities for a safe owning of land in the Philippines. We avice you annd support you in all legal aspects and in the paperwork with authorities.
Houses on sandy beaches, in the mountains, in the cities for sale and for rent
Properties and houses in Palawan for sale. Price for bungalows with 3 bedrooms, pool and garden US$ 50.000 to 100.000
Price for bungalows with 2 bedrooms and garden US$ 20.000 to 40.000
Foreigner Compounds: A large numbers of westerners already chose Palawan as their home. In Puerto Princesa City, the provincial capital of Palawan with about 200.000 inhabitants, there are already areas with an expat majority. Therefore expat compounds with good western standard houses and an own infrastructure on a higher level are taken into consideration in residential areas within the city as well as on prime quality beaches in a beautiful surrounding.
Below view on a beach property for a future westener compound

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