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Investing and doing business

Where and how to buy real estate, land, houses or apartments?

Geography, climate, country and people of the Philippines

Infrastructure, transportation and communication

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Living on Palawan, a tropial paradise

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Investments open to Foreigners
  No foreign equity allowed:
Mass media, Cooperatives, Security agencies, pyrotechnical devices, ABC weapons, Marine Resources, Services involving the profession of Law, Medicine, Accountancy, Engineering, Architecture, Geology, Teaching and Social Work
  Up to 25% foreign equity allowed:
Private recruitment for local or overseas employment,
foreign founded contracts, except projects convered by R.A. 7718
  Up to 30% foreign equity allowed:
  Up to 40% foreign equity allowed:
Corporations under the regulation of SEC (Trade, Tourism, Services, Manufacturing etc.)
Ownership of private land (60% owned by Philippinos)
Ownership of condominiums
  Up to 60% foreign equity allowed:
Financing and Investment Companies regulated by SEC



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Puerto Princesa City, Palawan 5300, Philippines