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The 7107 islands of the Philippines are a tropical paradise, famous for there women, beautiful like the flowers of the country, lovely and charming, but also loyal to their husbands and families. Their grace, sweet nature but also shy smiles gives them an inner beauty the most men cannot resist. Most westeners, married with a Filippina never like to miss their happy life taken care by them. With their winning smiles and quiet ways, Filipinas are pleasant company. They quickly make new friends wherever they go. Communication is easy, most speak English well, and because they are very resourceful, Filipinas adapt easily to living in other countries. You will find them all over the world, as sales ladies in the duty free shops of airports as well as servants in hotels, but specially as nurses in the health sevice, because of their friendliness, their forbearness and devotion. Filipinas are by their nature family-orientated, in majority Christians and so far close to the westener's culture. Filipinas are the backbone of the country, they keep the country running.

Why choose a Filipina?
Women from the Philippines are noted for their beauty, grace, charm and loyalty. With their sweet nature and shy smiles, Filipina's posses an inner beauty that most men find irresistible.
What's more, English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, so communication is straight forward, and as the majority of Filipinas are Christian, cultural compatibility is easier than some other Asian countries.

Why a Filipina wife? WHY? because they...

are Beautiful

have Old Fashion Values

are Loving and Caring

put Husband & Family First

are Life Time Partners

and are much, much more

Filipino ladies?

Filipinas are known not only known for their physical attractiveness and gracefulness but also for their inner beauty and charm. They possess character traits that men from all over the world find irresistible.

Filipinos make excellent marriage partners. Devotion to one's husband is part of Filipino culture so they are affectionate and supportive at all times. They love children and give much of their time and effort to raising a happy family. They are also very good cooks as anyone who has tasted chicken adobo, mongo, pancit, lumpia, cassava cake and leche flan will tell you.

These are just some of the features that make Filipinas so appealing. Men in every part of the world are searching for partners who will become caring and loving wives. They want someone who will bring stability to marriage and family life. Some men find the woman of their dreams close to home; others prefer to look further a field. If you would like to try your luck on the other side of the world then why not browse the web and see if you can find a Filipino who might turn out to be the woman of your dreams. Enjoy your search and good luck. Remember, we are here to help you.

These ladies are wonderful. They have expressed interest in maybe starting a relationship with a disabled man. This does not mea that they are passive or have low self-esteem. Here are ladies who will see past your disability and love you for who you are

Do not disrespect these lovely ladies. Do not expect to marry a personal care giver. Sure they will learn your life style and be there to help you. But do not have them help you 100% of the time. These ladies are very special and very hardworking, loving and very dedicated to you. My only hope is that you treat them, as you want them to treat you.
At last, a very important message. When, and if, you marry a Filipina, you marry the family. You will be expected to support her family. This usually comes as financial support. Do not expect them to forget their families needs. Filipino’s are very family orientated. They marry you for love. They sacrifice leaving their family to also better her families life. Terrific ladies come with additional responsibilities for you.

Tagalog is the official languages of the Philippines. Another is English. Tagalog is the language Filipinos mostly use amongst themselves.
If you are visiting the Philippines, it is highly recommended to learn a few words or phrases. This could help you relate more to the Filipino culture as well as gain accord with the locals. We have compiled a list of helpful words and phrases that could make your visit a little easier.
Not only are the Filipino men very handsome and romantic but he Filipina girls or Filipina women are world known for there stunning beauty. And some foreign women have finally figured that out the Filipino men can be quite a catch. Filipinas girls, are not only beautiful women but a delight to be around because of the famous Filipina disposition and personality. Some, actually many who marry these Filipina beauties, swear they make the best wives in the world, not only beautiful, but loyal, loving and faithful past death. From living here so long that has been my experience too.
And, don’t worry if you are older or overweight, like half the population of the western world. Both women and men here have the highest respect for age and weight is a plus to some here. It is a status symbol. If you are overweight, you virtually lose twenty percent of your weight when you step on Philippine soil. Age is respected. Consider yourself lucky to not be a kid anymore. The Filipinas will, hard to believe, but true. Young guys are welcome too.
Meeting a woman through someone else is a good idea. If you meet an older man or woman who has some status, be direct and say, "I am looking for a wife.’’ They will not be shocked, I assure you, but delighted, if you are truly a gentleman. Filipino men often wanted to take me home to meet their sisters and cousins. A couple of time I went. I was not allowed to be with the Filipina unsupervised and understood that from the beginning. And if you don't like the sister or cousin, he will find another relative to introduce you to around the corner.
"Pen pal" listings, E-mail pals, Introduction services are other ways to meet Filipinas and Filipinos. I did not meet my wife through one of these services. I took the time to come here and find one who was not interested in marrying a foreigner. I am glad I did. But I do know many who have great success and many who had serious failures who used these services. These services are illegal to own and operate in the Philippines, though not in any other countries I know about.
With e-mail, text pals and the Internet it is easy to meet girls here and establish relationships without an illegal broker. If you join one of these services, though you may feel it is the only way for you to go, do consider another avenue. A trip here does not cost much. And marriage can be for a life time, or should be. There is no divorce here.
It is better to travel here and meet a woman you care for here, in her country, if you want to marry her. For any transaction, shopping is important. See what is available first hand, one you love and who loves you.
There are "bar girls," "entertainers," "prostitutes, massage girls, with "pleasing personalities," and Group Relations Officers, (GRO's) " here like any country, especially poor developing countries. These Filipinas are usually burdened with serious family and often personal emotional problems, but not always as serious ones as some western "good" women. It is best that you be careful. These women are often the most beautiful of the Filipinas. That why they are targets for being hoodwinked into the prostitution or bar business. They may make good girl friends wives or brides. But more often they are problematic. They can break your heart. They bring more baggage than the average man can handle though he may feel very sorry for them. They say, "You can take the girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl."
A romantic relationship with a Filipino or Filipina has a better chance of success if you come over and immerse yourself in the culture. And it is important to meet a woman’s or man's family because the family is so important to him or her. And maybe the family will always will be more important than you. There is an Asia saying, that is accepted in the Philippines, "You can get

Filipinas often come from the countryside where they eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They fetch water and go to bed early because the sun goes down and many have no electricity. These are the truly healthy women whose tan skin has a glow to it from exercise provided by the daily chores. Many of these small dainty and romantic Filipinas can climb a coconut tree in a Manila minute. They do make wonderful wives, but don't take advantage of one. You may run up against a bolo. (A bolo is a large Filipino knife use for just about everything.)

Click here to read about the Philippine ("Mail Order Bride" Law) Some are trying to get it change. They run up against cultural barriers.

COMMON SENSE WARNING: Not every woman who publishes her ad is looking for love and marriage. There is always that 5% or 10% who live in "survival mode" about life and just want to leave their country or want to get something from you, and this is true even in the USA.

1. Cheery greeting....Say something positive about her latest email.

2. Make a comment on EACH of her topics. Be interested in her!!!!

3. Ask about her day, her life, her interests.

4. Talk about your day.

5. Talk about something that interests you.

6. Talk about the possible future of the relationship (POSITIVELY)

7. End with something nice. "I look forward to your next email"
"Until we meet again in Cyberspace" "Take care" "Sweet dreams"


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